Ages 7-13 | Clay and Sculpture | 6 Week Specialty Class | Lantzville location

The Fall Session clay curriculum introduces our students to the POTTERY WHEEL and HAND-BUILDING while learning new clay folding methods & fun marbling glazing techniques. Students can choose to attend clay & sculpture classes once per week or up to 3 times per week in order to have more practice time.

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# of stations: 1 workstation (1 child)

  • 1 workstation (1 child)
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Hello! 🍁

CLAY! 🙌 - YAY! One of my favourite subjects!

Together with our Oak Bay Victoria Studio Director, Martin, and Projects Leader, Theresa we have come up with a REALLY fun clay and varied pottery wheel & hand-building curriculum for this 6-week course.  

Students may choose to concentrate on certain techniques and stick with a particular project or they can try their hand at a few. Our focus is on learning & enjoying the techniques. Students may not finish every project. If you know your child likes to go slow but wants to do all projects, we recommend registering for 2 classes per week.

Through guided step-by-step instruction, students will learn how to:

Stack and Slam Wire Wedging Stoneware Wheel Mug using 3 different clays

- Night Owl Lantern Sculpture using High Fire Stoneware Clay

- Make a Monster Sculpture using Low Fire Earthenware Clay

All supplies are included.


And ... Good news! Since we have started adding more specialty classes, we noticed our Exploratory Class students also signing up for a Specialty class or two.

This is so great as with the Exploratory Classes students are introduced to lots of new projects, techniques & mediums but then continue to hone their skills & interests in the Specialty Classes. The Early Bird Deal takes 30% OFF the specialty class price when they are already registered in the 13 Week Fall exploratory class.  Please note if you want to take advantage of this deal please register for the Exploratory class first and then register in the Clay & Sculpture class using the code: MORESPECIAL.

Happy creating!



Does paint come out of clothes? Acrylic paint does not come out of clothes. We cannot guarantee that clay or other art materials will come out of clothes. Students should always come to the studio dressed for mess. 

Are the session classes different throughout the week? We offer the same class multiple times throughout the week so students can register for the class day/time that suits them best!

Do my kids need to bring anything to class? For session classes kids will need to bring a mask, water bottle, indoor shoes, and be dressed for mess—acrylic paint does NOT come out of clothes. All art materials will be provided at the studio.

Are there classes for drop-ins? All students must be registered before class starts.


Missed / Late Classes

What if my child will miss a class? If a student misses a class they may attend a catch-up class so they don’t fall behind on their artwork. Maximum ONE catch-up specialty class per session. Catch-up classes are purely to ensure completion of projects on time. 

What if I’m going to be late for class? Being on time is important as we have LOTS to do each class! Late arrivals are very distracting for the group and delay class, which can lead to unfinished projects and prevent class from finishing on time. If you know you’ll be late please advise the studio ASAP. The door is locked for safety once class starts so if you arrive late you may need to wait outside until a teacher is available to let you inside.

 Can I bring home materials for someone who misses a class? No. If a student misses a class they may attend a catch-up class so they don’t fall behind on their artwork. Maximum ONE catch-up specialty class per session. 



What if my class is canceled or postponed due to a COVID-19 related lockdown? If a class cannot take place due to increased restrictions or lockdown then the class may be rescheduled, students may be transferred to another class, or a credit may be provided for use in future or online classes. No refunds.

Does my child need to wear a mask at the studio? Yes, everyone inside the studio must wear a mask for the duration of the class.

Can my kids share a station? Stations can be shared between 2 people who are in the same bubble.


Artwork Pick Up

Will I receive an email when my artwork is ready? We do not email or call. Please check your artwork status on our website, and book an appointment to collect it once ready.

How long do I have to collect my artwork? Once your artwork status says ‘ready for collection’ you have 2 weeks to collect your artwork. We have A LOT of artwork moving through the studio and limited storage, so cannot retain unclaimed artwork past that time.

To prepare, it is important for kids to know to take their time, go slow and enjoy the process with their creations.

When creating we will emphasize using different techniques and the art of adding small details. 
We will encourage enjoying the process, creativity, patience, and attention to detail.

Parents, please discuss this expectation with children before the class in order to ensure your child understands that we will be creating with details and practice in mind.

* Our goal is to maintain a respectful, patient, and creative learning environment. Please note disrespectful and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. In the event of misconduct, parents will be called to pick up their child immediately. 

Take 30% off the price of a 6-week specialty class when you sign up for 13 week Fall Exploratory Art Class.

Choose from Macrame, Clay and Sculpture, or Story Telling Stop Motion.

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